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jonathan stead

Jonathan Stead works with a wide array of photographic methods and materials. His current photographic practice is anchored by the glass plate methods of the 19th Century, which create a sense of wonder lost in the modern world.

In this time of endless reproduction I found that something was missing in digital photography. No matter how technically perfect the image was, or how interesting or compelling the subject matter, I failed to connect with my work.

'I try to create images that are singular, unique, and address my dissatisfaction with modern, and endlessly reproducible digital photography. My work increasingly explores the photographic methods of the 19th century. The starting point for all my work comes from a realisation that I must first let go of the idea that I can control every aspect of the image: the very nature of the process. The handmade aspects of the alchemy-like processes serve to create individual and unique images.'

Part time specialist lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University, working with specialist processes such as Ambrotypes, Glass Plates Negatives and paper negative.