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stillness of mind

Unique Silver Gelatin prints from 10x8 contact prints / 8x10in

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A few months ago I received an email from Tim Andrews - asking if I would like to document him and his struggle with Huntington's Disease. Feeling like this led on from my work with my Grandmother I said yes. Asking him about the condition and how it affected him he replied with the following.

'l have all three major symptoms eg tremor, stiffness and slowness. At first, l didn't go on the heavy medication because the neurologist advised against it because in the Uk, it is felt by neurologists generally that the longer you hold off on the drugs, the longer they will have an effect.

Although the disease is very slow moving it has rather caught me up this year and l'm having more on/off periods in between doses of Levadopa. So when l wake up l shuffle and shake and then l take my pills - it takes about an hour for them to kick in. lt's best if l vary my activities on any given day otherwise if, for example, l spend too much time on the computer, l get all scrunched up and uptight and all the symptoms come to the fore. That said, if l have a good day sometimes, you wouldn't know that l've got it but that happens rarely and sometimes even on a good day, l might suddenly relapse into shuffling and shaking. '

I wanted to highlight the issues that affected him - specifically the inability to keep still. I chose the paper negative process as the slow speed makes for lenghty exposures (30 seconds in this case).

This work aims to highlight the difference in the control from the morning in Eyes A.M.in the first series he remains relatively still meaning that the catch lights in his eye are reasonably sharp. In Eyes P.M. however, taken a few hours later - when the medication was waning the movement was much more uncontrollable.